In vain, I hide from the shadow of myself
And all that I love, I destroy
Why is the most beautiful soul in this world
Plagued with a love for this boy?
A beautiful woman so trusting and true
The one who always helped me through
Why does she love this boy?
Where does she find her joy?

Humbly, my eyes turn down and away
It makes me want to cry
For though my love is a lantern bright
And love for her have I
I fear my love consumes
As if a flame of death
In truth, I hate to hurt her so
For she is, to me, my breath
How can I become as she?
What is it she sees in me?

The time for questions is long gone by
The time for action is here
From this day forth I'm hers in full
Forever and a year
Lord, help me make this proclamation
Lest I fall to heart's damnation
From this day forth, my heart is hers
From this day forth, my soul is yours



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