So many times I've said, "I'm sorry"
Yet done the same again.
I know my words would sometimes cut,
Although I've called you friend
Can I repay those special years,
The friendship that you gave?
No, I am but a simple fool
And that's how I behave.

Here's to you for the things you've done
To make me who I am
And though we touched but never kissed
It was you who made me a man
We shared our thoughts and fondest dreams
At times, we'd laugh out loud
You showed me that there's nothing wrong
With shining in a crowd.

I know that you were not perfect
And sometimes, I was right
People thought that we were lovers
The way we would scream and fight
Strange how as time passes
The bad times all grow dim
Fondly, I remember you
And sigh, "I miss you Kim" 

It's been so long, Oh how I long
To hear from you again
I hold you dear as a special friend
The way it has always been
And if you feel that you were wronged
Or used as if a coat
I want to say I'm sorry
In this my final note

How can I say I'm sorry
When I don't mean a word I say
Vincent and his "Starry Nights"
Are far from who I am
A dreamer, poet, dancing fool
A player in the band
Now, I'm not sorry for who I am
Or that we ever met
Or sorry that we danced that dance
On a night I won't forget
But, how can I say I'm sorry
When I don't mean a word I say? 



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