She is a mother, but not a wife
In the arms of another, her passion lies

Why can't her husband make her feel that way?
So lost in his own life they live day to day
Passing each other like ships in the night
And he longs to hold her but it doesn't feel right

There came a man with arms so strong
Who spoke to her heart in lyric and song
And though her passion was dim glowing embers
The fire roars again as he makes her remember

She lay at peace, in his arms, in his bed,
Until a vision troubled her head
She saw the eyes of her little ones
So out of his house to her children she runs

She cries when she thinks of his arms around her
But nothing is worth this love that surrounds her
She opens her eyes and though feeling alone
She looks in their eyes and she knows she is home

She is a mother, but not a wife
In the eyes of her children, her true love lies


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