A New Dawn
It is amazing what a difference a funeral makes.  As human beings, we have a need for closure, for a sense of completion.  One thing that I learned, this week, was that it is even more overwhelming to watch your child grieve than it is to grieve yourself. 

With the funeral behind us and the basement beginning to resume a normal state, we have started to get things in order for the winter and I find my writer’s block has finally lifted.  Unfortunately, a number of market deadlines passed while I struggled through frustration and grief. Therefore, I will have to move on and come back to those stories later when I have free time.

When I saw the sun rising, this morning, I remembered that every day is a new day.  We face a new dawn with the opportunity to start again.  True, we can never take some things back.  We cannot bring our loved ones back from the grave.  We cannot remove the hurt of divorce or broken relationships.  Nevertheless, we can build again.  We can start anew.

Maybe you know that you need to say you are sorry but you have put it off.   Perhaps you care about someone and he or she does not know how you feel.  Alternatively, if your personal life is in order, is there is a novel that has been sitting on your hard drive half completed , a job you’ve been too afraid to post for or a completion you have hesitated to enter? Now is the time.  Today is a new day, perhaps the last one that you have.  Make it count.

Keep writing, not just with your mind, but also with your heart!

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