_Jaxon slammed the door as he went back to his office.  It was all too much and he wanted to just shut the world out and cry.  But crying wasn’t the kind of thing a man would do.  His father had beaten that idea into his head. Breaking things however was perfectly acceptable for a man.
_Jaxon hurled the lamp from his desk against a wall.  Threw everything off of his desk on to the floor.
_The phone rang but he wouldn’t answer it.  He didn’t talk to Lupe right now.  “Leave me alone,” he thought as hard as he could as if he could push her out of his thoughts.  And for a moment he felt just a touch lighter but he knew it was just his imagination.
_He started to pick up his mess, he put things away those that weren’t broken anyway.  He opened the bottom draw and stopped.  He saw the bag at the bottom of the drawer.  If he opened it now he really would cry.  He couldn’t help himself, he reached for the bag and carefully opened it.  It was really stupid to keep them,   a mismatched set of Barbie shoes an old chewed up rubber bone.  To anybody else they would be garbage, but to Jaxon they were his fondest treasures. 
_He opened the yellowed envelope and carefully took out the picture.  They looked so happy, Jaxon’s wife Cassie and their carefree daughter Faith riding Prince Rover as if he were a horse. 
_ They were gone now of course.  It didn’t really matter anymore if it was his fault or hers, Cassie took Faith and the dog and never came back, leaving Jaxon alone in an empty home, no not a home, just a house, an effigy of the heart that had shattered into a million pieces.

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