All right, so I’ve finally decided to self-publish.  I went to Smashwords, formatted my manuscript according to their style guide and hit send.  I went to the Amazon Kindle and with some minor alterations submitted my manuscript there as well. 

Originally, I had planned to use a professional graphic.  After some advice that it wasn’t YA girl friendly enough I crafted my own graphic.  After being informed my attempt at a cover “looks like a two-year-old designed it,” I put the original cover back up.  Fortunately, my hideous cover attracted the attention of a graphic designer who has offered to create a cover that will both look professional and capture the spirit of “Jade Dreams”.  I am excited to see what she proposes.

I have one note on Goodreads.  If you are already a Goodreads author, wait until Amazon posts your kindle edition rather than manual creating an entry to avoid duplication.

After the mad rush of getting everything posted and adjusting all of my links, I found myself monitoring every little visit to my sample pages and obsessing over my visits to purchases ratio.  Meanwhile, the few people that I know who purchased the book haven’t offered me any feedback yet.  Thinking about things like that can drive a writer insane. 

My suggestion is to put it out of your mind.  I know firsthand that easy to say but hard to do.  Walk away and do what you do best, keep writing!

I just sent off my newest dark fantasy short story “They” to Apex Magazine.  As I mentioned previously, I am trying to tailor my stories carefully to each market.  I hope that the care with which I choose my markets and construct my stories will result in a higher acceptance ratio.  My next venture is a murder mystery. I’m still debating whether to set the story in Full Moon City, my favorite noir supernatural detective setting.

Keep writing my friends!

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