Mary Mary sings a song "Shackles" that offers the prayer "Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance."

There are so many layers of meaning to that plea that I am only beginning to understand.  The ridiculous fourteen hour days that so many of us maintain keep us from living the life of celebration that we were born again to.

It is so difficult to find the time or the energy to participate in our families, much less in our community.  Stress can keep us enjoying the beautiful world we live in.  It can rob us of our joy and make us bitter. 

Our sin nature has the same power. Even when we have free time, it can override our thoughts with doubt, anxiety and guilt.  Sin is deadly not because it makes  us "bad", but because it separates us from our family, from our friends, from God.

Take a moment every morning and remember the promise.  You are a child of God and He loves you!  He wants to be with you.  Pray for the strength to overcome.  In the twelve step programs, the serenity prayer is a reminder to let go of those things we cannot control and ask for the strength to change what we can.

Someday, our Heavenly Father will bring his children home to His heart.  In the interim we fall on His grace, find comfort in the Holy Spirit and pray "Amen.  Come Lord Jesus!"

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