I will freely admit that I love the Arabian Nights collection as well as Bennett’s Book of Virtues, but I never imagined that short stories would take over the Way of the Sword series in the way that they have.  I am in the middle of a painful rewrite of the first book , from  third person to first person,  myspeak to teenspeak, when a character that didn’t even exist in the original story pops up and tells a tale to illustrate the meaning of Bushido, there are even stories within stories within the story.  There are those times when you are writing and you say to yourself, “This is either going to be the best or worst thing that I’ve ever done.”  I’m kind of feeling that way right now.

I am eagerly awaiting the printing of a number of successful submissions and still waiting to hear back from a number of publishers on my rewrites.  Life is hectic and there are days when it is a struggle to write but I’m hanging in there.  I hope you are too.

Hey, if an idea explodes inside your head, don’t be afraid to run with it.  Just make sure you keep copies of your previous draft.  Keep writing my friends!