Another snippet from the Life of Carrie, Margot and Luke.
“That is a really beautiful sculpture, Margot.”

“Thank you, I call it New Genesis. In the literal sense, it’s a man offering his family up to his Creator.”

“I don’t have much tolerance for religion, it’s far too irrational.”

“Carrie, do you seriously have to criticize every single one of my works?”

“Margot, I’m… that’s not what I intended, your craftsmanship is exquisite, I don’t believe in ‘mysterious ways’, that’s all.”

“Just because you’re a lapsed Catholic doesn’t mean you need to…”

“So which one is the child?”

Carrie and Margot both stopped and looked at Luke.

“I may be presumptuous in assuming I’m the father, but how does our little family fit into this image?”

“Why does this piece have to represent us?”

“Luke makes a valid point; all of your artwork has always been personal. So do you consider me a mother or a child?”

“It’s really complicated.” Margot looked away.

“I’m a fairly intelligent woman; uncomplicated it for me.”

“You’re both. Please don’t ask me to explain anymore.”

Carrie’s face softened at the tears in Margot’s eyes. Carrie kissed her forehead.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so harsh. Sometimes I just become…”

“Irrational?” Margot laughed.

200 words

Another Honorable mention for my favorite trio!
_"Hold up, all three of you are dating … each other?" Eddie's eyes opened wide.

"As a matter of fact we are." Margot said.

"Margot!" Luke hissed under his breath.

Carrie smiled. "You know Margot, she's such an actress and a drama queen. What she means is we are all very close friends, that's all."

"Yeah right, I know what I overheard. Besides, first you were dating the dark haired babe…"

"Carrie," Luke said.

"You broke up and started dating the boobalicious redhead…"

She grinned, "My name is Margot."

"And now you are all just good friends?" Eddie shook his head.

"Something like that," Luke said. "Look please don't make a big deal out of this. People can be very judgmental even in college."

"Judgmental?" Eddie chuckled. "Dude, I want lessons, you must have some magic skills to have two girlfriends who are happy to share you. Or maybe you have…"

Luke swatted Eddie's hands away from his shorts. "Not funny man, I'm serious, please be cool."

Eddie smiled as if he'd won the lottery. "That is so awesome man, I bow down to your testosterone supremacy. So how does it work anyway? I mean do you have like shift schedules? What happens when someone feels left out? I mean wow, you guys must have like crazy sex."

Carrie sighed. "It's not about the sex. If we desired unlimited sexual partners we'd go to your frat parties."

"So I guess that means you don't need a fourth?"

In unison, "No!"

This week's prompt from Madison Woods wasn't conducive to either of my current novels so here is a one-off vignette for your reading enjoyment.
_ "Billy, what are you gawking at?  I taught you better than to stare."

"The man in the tan cap is Wolverine."

Mom laughed.  "Lots of men have beards and wear sunglasses."
"Look mom, the conductor has lobster claws for hands."
"No Billy, those are just mittens, I'm sure he has normal hands underneath.  Now come on we need to get going."

"Mom look!"

"What is it now Billy? I'm tired and I want to go home."

"There is a two-headed slime-covered monster about to eat the conductor."

"For goodness' sake Billy, I'm sure it's just a …Billy?"

"Yes mom?"


This scene from the upcoming novel Undeclared is from Stevie McCoy's #TuesdayTales Challenge
_“Are you sure this is the way?”

“Yes, Margot, I’ve been to the American Legion before.”

“Oh Luke you lush.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “They held a Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless, remember?”

“Oh yeah!” Margot giggled.

“You may have been here before, but the sign indicates a road closure. Why would they hold a Christmas party in a blizzard anyway?”

Luke and Margot blinked in unison.

“What? I’m just saying it would be safer to wait until the storm blew over.”

“And cancel Christmas?” Margot asked. “Turn left Luke.”

“No go straight.”

“Two backseat drivers? Merry Christmas to me!”

A shout out to the good friends I've made at #Pubwrite in this snippet from my upcoming novel "Full Moon City"  Originally posted in Cara Michaels #MenageMonday Challenge
Lupe halted as soon as she walked into Moon Dreams. “Ray? What’s up with the new sign and décor?”

“Well I am Irish.”

Lupe looked doubtful.

Ray laughed. “Wednesday nights are slow and a couple of writer types wanted to organize a PubWrite night. They were willing to pay to do it up right, I figured, what the hell, I could use the money. They’ll be in shortly. If you’re looking for Jaxon he ain’t here.”

“No, I…”

“You are looking for him aren’t you?”

Lupe spun around. “Rena, what are you doing here?”

“I guess you needed me,” Rena said.

“Hello Captain Montez,” Ray said.

“Wait, you can see her too?”

“I’m not blind ma’am. Of course I can see her.”

“Ray is just like you… sort of. Where do you think Jaxon gets his information from?”

“This is crazy, a bartender who can see ghosts, a werewolf on city council…”

“How is Skye doing anyway?” Rena asked.

“So you knew about her?”

“I knew a lot about her.”

“So she implied.”

“You sound jealous.”

“What I am is confused. Why is everything so crazy in this place?”

“Well they do call this place Full Moon City, don’t they?”

A 100 word scene from my current WIP "Undeclared"
_“So what do you think?” Margot asked, gesturing at the dome above them.

“Oh, that’s pretty cool. The way he designed the beams and rafters, it looks as if there are sails billowing from enormous masts,” Luke said.

“This is one of the most significant architectural structures in the city, we thought you would enjoy it,” Carrie said.

“No, it’s really nice. That’s very thoughtful, thank you,” Luke said.

Margot tilted her head. “You seem less excited than I expected.”

“It’s not that. I do like it. It’s just that I’ve decided to change majors. I’m dropping out of Architecture.”

A fun little prompt with word you'd expect Carrie to use.
“I’ve decided you’re insane,” Carrie said.

Margot grinned. “Maybe a little.”

Luke tossed his shirt. “Haven’t you ever done this before?”

“Not on such a cool and gloomy day,” Carrie said.

“Where’s your sense of adventure?” Margot asked, shedding her dress.

Carrie replied, “Someone has to be the rational one.” She neatly hung her dress in the trees along with Margot and Luke’s garments.

“Pulchritudinous,” Margot said.

Carrie gave Margot a look.

“What? I can use big words too.”

“They look like ghosts,” Luke said.

“Apropos for Halloween, I suppose.”

“Stop admiring your work and jump in. The water’s fine!”

This week's prompt from Cara and Judge RJ Davnall inspired me to write part of the scene that I've been avoiding thinking about.
_“Am I dreaming?” she asked.

The angel smiled. “No my child, you might say that you are awake for the first time.”

Her voice trembled. “I don’t understand. I thought I would end up in Hell,” she said. She was afraid to look at the angel. “There must be a mistake. I mean after what I’ve done…”

The angel stroked her hair. “The Father knows what you’ve done. He is the One who made your heart and understands everything in it.”

Luke wiped the tears from his eyes as they got out of the car. He hoped that there was truth in the dream he’d had that morning, that Catholics didn’t automatically go to Hell whenever they… when they took their own lives. He didn’t want to go in. He couldn’t look into “her” eyes knowing that the three of them would never be together again.

“Thanks for coming with me Eddie,” he said.

“She seemed like a good woman, bro.” Eddie put his hand on Luke’s shoulder.

They walked by the statue of Jesus with His arms wide open.
Luke thought back on the final words the angel said, “Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted.”

_ "Shang Di, please hear my cry.  I have spent my life trying to follow the Middle Way.  I know that I should accept what comes and be content.  Still, my heart aches at the thought of Dad having to leave again for battle.  If there is a way to keep him safe while retaining our family honor, please show me now." 

When I opened my eyes, I saw a hauntingly beautiful young woman with pale green eyes that shimmered like the water. 

In case you've been trying to follow along and feel lost, the vignettes are not in any particular order, just possible scenes from my WIP.  You can find many more author's stories on Madison Woods' site.

_ "What are you looking at Margot?"  Luke knelt beside her.

Carrie fastened her sweater and pulled Luke's jacket tightly around her shoulders.  "I don't suppose it's something useful, like food or something to start a fire."

Margot grinned up at Carrie.  "Eventually, but not today, it's an acorn throwing its first sprout."

"Acorns frequently sprout in the fall."

Margot frowned.  "You're missing the wonder, Carrie."

Luke clasped both Margot and Carrie's hands and then joined them together.  "There is something really beautiful about the moment when a thing first begins to grow."

Carrie, finally understanding, smiled.  "The possibilities are endless!"