I'm going to be nicer today
Be mindful of words that I say
But that jerk in the car
Put two coins in my jar
And blew my intentions away

I'm going to stop smoking this week
I'm sick of the smell; my clothes reek!
But after last night,
When we got in a fight,
I lit up. I guess I'm just weak.

I promise each night
That I'll set things right
Come morn, my ideals are forgotten
I scratch and I cling
To each foolish thing
Even vices that make me feel rotten

So I hack and I cough
For each thing I put off
There's a payment that must be exacted
Still, this much I can do:
Write a poem for you --
Just as long as I don't get...

Oh look my show's on!

© 2013 Wakefield G Mahon III

Razor-wire sculptures dipped in poisonous oil
Fascinating to observe
Deadly to touch

These addictions
Stealing truth
Stealing joy
Stealing pain

At night, I lie alone in mediocre meditation over emotions weakly acknowledged

The wind chimes beckon
Come let's play
Let us frolic in the springtime sun.

Death hovers
One foot dangling o'er my doorstep
And here I've scarcely begun

(c) 2013 Wakefield G Mahon III