For Jen De Santis' #FridayPictureShow I entered a scene from "Undeclared"
"Alright guys, this isn't funny anymore."
Carrie struggled but couldn't loosen the rope enough to pull her hands free.  She imagined Margot and Luke laughing at her, making love without her.  
Finally, the pair returned.
"You said you'd be right back."
"Sorry, we got sidetracked."
"I'll bet you did. While you were 'sidetracked', I've had ants crawling up my leg.  Why did I let you talk me into this?"
Luke untied the ropes.
Margot cooled the rope burn and kissed Carrie's wrist.  "Because you need adventure in your life.  I'm really sorry.  I promise we'll make it up to you."

Another scene from "Rise of the Dragons" for Madison Wood's #FridayFictioneers

Tokunbo glared at the barbed wire on the post, hung only for effect.  Those who’d attempted to escape the camp disintegrated when the hit the invisible force field. The precious few that found a way around and made it out alive were brought back by the dragons and made example.

Involuntarily, Tokunbo glanced at Karen Chan and winced.  The scars covering her body kept her in pain on the verge of tears.  No one had tried to escape in the weeks since Karen came back.

Until today – the dragons were tough, but not invulnerable, if the force fields disintegrated humans…

Every Thursday Siobhan Muir hosts #ThursThreads.  My entry this week is from a work in progress titled "Rise of the Dragons"
Mike held up a fist and Kayla froze in her tracks. He took a single step towards the entrance and scanned the street for activity. The view was disheartening.
Fifteen years after the first wave of attacks, the street resembled an effigy to city life. Burned-out shells of automobiles lined the boulevard. The few remaining buildings over two stories high threatened to collapse at the brush of a stiff wind.
Mike's heart pounded when he heard a sound and detected movement. A rat scurried out of the knee-high grass grown up through cracks in the asphalt and cement where vines climbed over and through the wrecks. After three excruciating minutes, he relaxed and motioned Kayla forward.
"You're not going to like it," he whispered.
"It can't be any worse than the damage I've already seen."
They methodically moved through each car looking for salvageable pieces to help build the weapon. When they reached a small station wagon, Kayla stopped.
"Did you find something useful?"
"No, I found out I was wrong." A tear slid down Kayla's face.
In the back of the car, the remains of two car seats had melted together. The bright pink and blue plastic stood out against the charred black of the back seat and the seat covers.
Mike put a hand on Kayla's shoulder.
She wiped her own eyes and then looked into his. "Your weapon had better work. We need to start winning this war. Not just for us, but for them as well."

My entry for Jezri's 55 Word Challenge is brought to you today by my new cat and the makers of Benadryl.

We picked up jinx from our niece to save him from the pound.  A skittish thing, he hides in our room, venturing out only at night.  
My chief complaint is the fur.  Allergies keep me exhausted. Rather, I thought that was the cause -- until the marks.
I thought vampires only took the form of bats.

55 words

Tuesday means #TuesdayTales hosted by Stevie McCoy
John watched the forest and fields races by as his train hurdled toward the junction.
Jack had his nose stuck in a book trying to keep his place with the turbulent train ride moving his finger.
“Is this seat taken?”
John looked away from the window at the sound of her voice.
Jack looked up from his book at the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen.
“No, please sit down.”
“Thank you, my name is Jill. I’m very glad to meet you.”
The two trains collided in temporal synchronicity.
“Hi, my name is John, but you can call me Jack.”

100 words

This entry for Cara Michaels' #MenageMonday  earned an honorable mention.  Check out the other great stories while you're there!
Building a Bridge

"They built a new bridge less than a mile from our neighborhood."

"Yeah, I heard Fred or someone mention it."

"Yeah, but this is the crazy thing.  It is not an ordinary bridge."

"What do you mean?"

"It only extends halfway across the river.  No one can explain what is connecting to."

"They probably ran out of money.  Times are tight."

"I don't think so; it was built by the Army Corps of Engineers."

"The military runs out of money too."

"We live next to a major research and development command."

"And you think this is some sort of experiment?  Seriously dude, if my taxes don't go up why should I care what they are working on?"

"Do you remember that freak lightning storm last month?"

"Of course, all of the power in the neighborhood went out but there wasn't a drop of rain."

"Do you remember that family that moved in this month?"

"Duh, I'm dating Jane, their daughter.  What's your point?"

"I was staring at the bridge and I hit Jane's mom today."

"Holy crap, dude!  Why didn't you say so?  Is she alright?"

"She's fine, but her face did come off for a minute.  I'm just saying."

It's Friday Picture Show time again.  This scene might actually sneak into Full Moon City before the final draft.
There is no way, Rena! How are you doing that?”
“You didn’t know I could play piano? Come on Lupe, I’ve been playing since I was six.”
“No, well yes I didn’t know that either, but I never believed ghosts could manipulate solid objects.”
“I thought you didn’t believe in ghosts at all.”
“Well yeah, but…”
“But here I am. I get it; but if you think it’s weird for you, think how I feel.” Rena stopped playing. “So, we dated for a year and you seriously never knew I could play? That’s crazy!”
“Yeah!” Lupe laughed. “That’s what’s crazy.”

It's Friday Fictioneers time again.  This week's prompt reminded me of a particular day just south of Seoul.
It stopped raining for the first time in two weeks.

I want to wipe my hands clean of the mud. Even if that was a good idea, there isn’t a part of my uniform that isn’t already covered.

South Korea has more distinct breeds of mosquito than I’ve seen in my whole life prior.  One of the fifteen on my trigger hand wears tiger stripes.  I don’t dare move though.  The enemy is after me and my unit gone.

I don’t have any live ammunition because this was only a training exercise.  At least it was until the dragons arrived.

A scene from “Rise of the Dragons”

It's been a while but I finally had a chance to scribble a couple of words that someone liked.  Thank you so much to judge Lisa McCourt-Hollar for giving us the chance to stretch our fine motor skills.  55 words comes up very quickly!
It seems the  best stories are those you don't think about too much and this one came to me quickly.  Congrats to Siobhan Muir, Susi Holliday & Nancy Porter for their well deserved honorable mentions.  All of the entries were great fun to read.

If you want a chance to enter, be on the look out for #55WordChallenge on twitter next Wednesday!

Thanks again for the honor Lisa!