Congratulations to Aurora Lee who won this week's Menage Monday Challenge.  This was my entry:
Disappointing Your Parents
by @WakefieldMahon

“Hurry up, the storm is coming!”

Cassie rubbed her arms, pacing the entrance to the cave.

“I’m working as fast as I can here. Badgering me isn’t going to help me go any faster. And stop doing that, you’re making me nervous.”

“I can’t help it; I’m cold. Stop trying to be boy scout and do something. It’s almost on top of us.”

“I need more time, can’t you stop it or at least slow it down?”

“You want me to stop a blizzard?”

“That would be nice yes.”

“But what makes you think…”

“The lightning bolt below your left ear lobe.”

Cassie’s jaw dropped and she eyed Derek suspiciously.

“My father doesn’t approve of his children using ‘magic’ in public. Redirecting a huge storm is kinda flashy.”

“I wish I had your problem.” Derek rolled up his sleeve to reveal the anvil birthmark on his large biceps, then sighed and pulled out a lighter and kindling. “My father will disown me when he finds out I can’t even light a fire without help.”

This story won the Best Use of Prompt for this week's Friday Picture Show!  Thank you to Host Jen De Santis and Judge April Barnett!
Drawing Closer
By Wakefield Mahon

“Is that Audrey Hepburn?”
“I was trying to draw Eliza Doolittle.”
“Cool, hey there’s a call on the line for you.”
“In a minute. Man wouldn’t she be the perfect girl?”
“She says it’s important.”
“Yeah, alright hold on. Wait this nose isn’t quite right.”
“She called you Darling.”
“Sure she did, just hang on until I finish this drawing.”
“I’m serious; she said she was made to find you.”
“Very funny, I suppose her name is Pygmalion. The picture’s all wrong!”
“What did you scribble it out for?”
“It wasn’t working, where’s the phone?”
“Sorry, the line went dead.”

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"Did you find it?"

"It has to be in here somewhere."

"It better be after tearing out the plaster."

"I think I found it."

"Can you get it?  Be careful."

"This must be the mama it's been dead for a while."

"The babies must be there somewhere.  I heard the scratching last night.  There it is again!"

"That's Morse code!"

"Are you sure?"

"I've been a Morse code interceptor for 11 years; I think I know it when I hear it."

"What does it say?"

"You've got to be kidding."


"It says 'I've got your mouse trap right here.'"

I never know where a prompt is going to take me.  This week's Thursday Threads was an interesting one
The large robotic unit waited in the shadows of the trees.  The army's best cloaking technology made the camouflage redundant.  A young man and woman walked by hand in hand. 

"Jerry, you know we're not allowed to be out here.  The whole base is on lockdown until they neutralize the rogue mech.  That thing is nearly indestructible.  Even missiles couldn't keep it from extracting the brains of thirty-five soldiers."

"You're ruining the mood Kim."  Jerry got on one knee.  "Kim, will you…"

Kim screamed.

"I was hoping for a yes."

Huge metallic hands lifted Jerry off the ground.

"Please don't hurt her!"

The unit glanced at Kim and made a noise.  "Do not resist."  Impassive robotic eyes focused deeply on Jerry.  "Please, do not resist."

Comprehension soothed Jerry's maddening panic.  The metal creature recognized itself as an abomination.  It wanted a mind, a soul.  The previous uploads had all failed because the victims had resisted.  Jerry relaxed and the pain receded.

Unit J3R3 stood in the shadows of the trees.  A young man and woman walked by hand in hand.

"They say it's been five years since the mysterious attacks ended."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"I'm so sorry.  I forgot he was one of them."

"The last one before they destroyed it.

The army had lied but she didn't need to know that.  Kim felt safe and finally moved on with her life.  It was a much better monument than a cold stone in a manicured cemetery.


For thousands of years, two worlds existed side by side. Rushing waves turned back before touching endless dunes.

The tree of life stood on the border. Boys know trees need climbing. A single leaf floated down causing a drop of water to splash onto the sand.

Lightning crashed, wind roared, war began - the first storm.

My mother warned me that good Catholic girls don’t do things like that with other women. Carrie’s dying in the car accident was a warning to me to save me from damnation.
I love her but she can be so cruel. I dropped my black dress on the floor and ran the shower, to hide my tears from God.
I dreamt that Carrie was still with me, touching me her gentle way.
I awoke to see a glowing orb pause over Carrie’s favorite chair before disappearing.
I guess He forgave her after all. After all, Hell doesn’t allow conjugal visits.