I admit to stealing this topic from a writer's board:

The truth is I have no clue.
I write to explore those parts of me that defy ordinary expression.
I write to examine my feelings in the third person.
I write to shape the world around me and offer the audience a chance to accept or reject my worldview.
I write to share those experiences which require more depth than casual conversation can muster.
I write because I can... and because I cannot think of anything that I would rather do.

Why do you write?
It appears that said publisher was reading my blog because no sooner than I hit publish did I receive the notification to put me out of my misery.

Ah, sweet rejection, it never gets old.

I awoke this morning with that annoying reminder that can be so daunting.  As Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun.  As a writer, it is our job to find those common truths that unite or divide us and express them in fresh and exciting ways.

I loved watching Star Trek and The Twilight Zone over the years because Science Fiction and Fantasy allow the writer to explore issues in a way that the audience might be receptive.

So, I am off to review and edit that story again and hopefully find her a home.
I was hoping that we could go to the movies tonight.  But my wife and I are both to tired.  It would be nice to have something to take my mind off of the waiting.

Two nice things about electronic submissions are the response speed and ability to check your status without bugging the publisher.  The flip side of that coin is the torture of watching your article in review status for more than 24 hours.

Here's hoping.
News sources today reported that unemployment rates are up yet again for the third week or so in a row.  I don't envy our elected officials in election years.  Trying to deal with one of the largest deficits ever and stimulate jobs at the same time without offending this or that special interest group.

I am not going to go off on a political rant about where money should or should not have been spent.  My opinions are less informed than the opinions of hundreds of pundits who have weighed in.  I am simply praying for our elected officials to have the wisdom to make the best decisions for the individuals that they represent and for the rest of us to remember and support where we can those people who have not been as fortunate in the past few years as we have.
If you are living to work and working to live,
Perhaps some thanks, then, you should give.
For though your day may lack in joy,
At least,  you are blessed to be employed!
Alright let's set some goals and see if we can make it happen.
In the next year:
  • Publish at least one Christian article
  • Publish at least one Children's Story/Poem
  • Become a member of SFWA
In the next quarter:
  • Published a SF/Fantasy short story
  • Finish the initial draft of Too Much Love
  • Finish the initial draft of Turquoise Wind
In the next month:
Enter at least four flash fiction contests
Identify active periodicals and create an updated database of writer's guidelines and profiles of publications
I am looking to enter a number of writing contests beyond the flash fiction for fun among fellow writers.  I was reading the contest rules for one and I nearly fell over laughing.  Only in the literary world can someone tell you not to use another person's universe without their express consent. 

So much for my story about the using star gates to jump from the Ewok planet to Cardassia in a desperate attempt to escape the Cylons.  It was so original too. :*(

Speaking of writing contests, do you have any contests that you know about and would like to share?
If you want someone to blame for my increased volume of writing, one of the prime suspects is Ms T. L. Tyson.  She has been very helpful in pointing out new opportunities for writing outside of books, magazines and newspapers.

She also awarded me second loser, er i mean third place in her most recent brain twisting flash contest.
I have to say this.  I am tired of the rhetoric around the proposed mosque in New York City.  As George Bush pointed out, there are millions of peaceful and patriotic Muslims in this country and there are millions of Muslims around the world who love the God of Abraham and reject the notions of the radical terrorists who kill in the name Allah.

Extremist will take any point of view that is convenient and use it to justify their goals.  They use the emotions of people who believe in something that is good and right and corrupt it to their purposes.  Right now a lot of politicians, that I would have formerly voted for, are doing the same thing.

Of course people are still upset about the events of 9/11/2001.  Like most American's and many people from around the world, I knew several of the people who died in NYC and the Pentagon and the fields of Pennsylvania.  Like a lot of country music lovers, I cheered when Toby Keith talked about boots, but it was Alan Jackson's song "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning" that should be leading us
<i><b>Faith and Hope are some good things He gave us and the greatest is Love</b></i>
Today's Wakefieldism is:
It is good to have your sight so that you can avoid your enemies
It is better to have foresight to avoid making them