After reading  the finely crafted "Wonder" by Matthue Roth in my Daily Science Fiction inbox, I went to find his twitter account and found @Matthue (I still have no idea if his is any relation at all to the story's author).  Reading Matthue's fascinating blog on all things Judaic, I came across an article on Rosh Hashanah and -in a completely unrelated article - this YouTube video parody about JDate and the DC Relaunch:

_It's been a while since I've had the chance to blog, much less maintain my daily poetry postings.  I've been very busy doing that thing called?  Oh  yes, writing!  Of course, a number of calamaties both natural and - to a more minor degree  - personal have kept me busy as well.
_I just finished my first draft of "Green Grass", a story that I've had on my heart for over a year now.  I was going to go back to working on "RND", but I've been enthralled by a new story, "The Apprentice" which promises to be a very long short story if not a novellete or novella.