_If you haven't already checked out the #MenageMonday flash fiction challenge, you really should.  The range of creativity expressed by the participating authors, as many as twenty,  is something to behold.

Author Cara Michaels provides a three-pronged prompt each week and sets the writers loose.  You'll find stories of love, betrayal, murder and suspense all within 200 little words.
The story that I posted yesterday won this week's "Undisputed Champ" title and I have to say I'm honored.  There are so many talented writers with such amusing stories.

Please take a moment and visit Cara Michaels' website to see stories from the contest and more!

My entry for #MenageMonday:
_“Woohoo!  Let’s do this man!” Derek always was the ringleader.
_I stared at the clock on the wardrobe that always said 2:41.  It was actually 6 am and way past my bedtime.  Motes of dust swam ominously in the single ray of light cutting through the window.  “I don’t think this is a good idea guys.”
_“Whatever Larry, you just don’t know how to have fun!  The Dying Light is the best game ever!” Doug replied
_“Larry, Larry, lame and squarey!” Len always seemed smarter when his mouth was closed.
_“I’m going first, alright?”
_“Oh come on,” Doug said.  “You always go first!”  But it was too late, Derek had already run into the beam of light and burst into flames, a pile of ash was all that remained.
_Doug and Len stood in shocked silence.
_“That was wicked!”Len said.  “I’m next!”
_“No way dude, I’m totally next.”
_The kept pushing each other as they ran towards the beam and were incinerated just like Derek.
I just shook my head and heaved a sigh, grateful for my pure gene pool.  “I’m going to bed. Whoever thought genetically fusing lemmings and vampires together was a good idea needs to be staked.”
_ Attack the Block was not what I expected at all.  The movie starts out with a mugging.  The characters that the previews led you to believe to be the movie's heroes are actually a bunch of punks in a gang.  Watching the first half of the movie, the primary thought going through my head was "How are you portraying these thugs as heroes?"  In the end, this movie - like all well-told stories - does exactly that.
_Sure, the movie is an exciting alien invasion thriller with all of the special effects and violence you might expect, but at its core, this is a movie about the hood.  The story delves into the motivations and attitudes of young people who grow up feeling disenfranchised by the country, by their city, even by their own families.  Because of the way that part of the story is told, it is one of the better movies I've seen this year and I highly recommend it.
_Attack the Block is rated R for pervasive language and several very gory scenes.
Here is my dark entry for the #FridayPictureShow flash contest  hosted by  Jen D Author
_ Six drinks different drinks sat up on the bar in front of two women.

Karen looked at her drink, “What a day, huh? How was your thanksgiving Suzy?”

“Not bad, how about you, what were you thankful for?

“That my husband kept his gun closet unlocked. Too bad I mistook him for a burglar, how about you?”

“I am thankful that I got up early to go to a Black Friday sale and didn’t take the truck. It’s really strange that the brakes went out on that mountain road, rest his soul.”

Karen raised her first glass, “To new beginnings.”

_Along, we stroll together,
Beside the ocean shore,
Coupled hand in hand,
Dancing in the sand.
Every night, we walk here.
Forevermore, we shall,
Gaily, singing lover's songs,
Happily laughing and loving along.
In time , as love grows stronger
Just as it often does
Kalimar, our island home,
Land of endless love
May fall into the raging sea
Never seen again.
Only you and I,
Power of love us guiding
Questioned not by any
Rest in the arms of love
So high above the waves
Till eternity has gone by
Under a rainbow in the blue
Vast unending sky
What a sight to behold
Xylophone visions are there
You and I, forever my love
Zealous lovers in the air

No prizes this week, but I still had a lot of fun!  stop by Cara Michael's blog to join in on Mondays!
Larry had been trying to figure out whether the trashcan read God or 602. Perhaps he should have been paying more attention to the road. He didn’t see the small girl chasing a ball. Larry swerved, hitting the trashcan and rolling his car. It took him a few minutes to get his seatbelt off and get out of the mangled door through the window; it did not help being upside down.

As soon as he was free, Larry sprinted to where he saw the girl lying perfectly still. “Oh no, please tell me I didn’t.”

The girl’s mother ran out to hold her child.

“I’m so sorry ma’am I didn’t see her.”

The mother neither acknowledged him nor stopped crying.

Time jumbled together, the blare of sirens pounded through his head. One of the paramedics ran to the child to check her out. “No injuries, I think it was the shock, let’s take her in just in case.”

“This other one wasn’t so lucky. I just lost his pulse.” Larry looked and saw the other paramedic next to his body. “Time of death, 6:02 pm”

Walking toward the beautiful white light, Larry laughed at the difference between two right answers.

_ In the twenty-first century of the Common Era, a number of revolutions arose on the planet of our oppressors.  An Arab Spring brought radical change to many Middle Eastern countries that had lived under sometimes-tyrannical dictatorships.  A worldwide recession sparked cultural, economic and political revolutions. 
_Centuries later a unified planet, having mastered interstellar travel, arrived at our doorstep, imposing their religions, their ideals and morals upon us while robbing us of our natural and intellectual resources, all in the name of progress. 
_People of Centauri Prime, this is a call for action.  Let us take up their cry, "Occupy Earth!"
I had forgotten how much I enjoyed writing children's stories.  This week Cara Michael's Monday  Menage provided a PG flash fiction challenge and this is was what my muse produced:

Nathaniel's First Case

“Please uncle, can’t you help me just one more time?” The ten-year-old asked.

“I’m sorry my dear boy but I’m retired now. My bees require my full attention. Why don’t you ask Watson if he has some free time? Better yet, use that reasoning from your own noggin. You are my great-grandnephew after all.”

Nathaniel sighed and trudged back out through the farm towards the streets of Sussex. He ran over the riddle again in his mind. He had to win. It wasn’t so much that he wanted the kiss from Mary Moriarty promised if he won, but rather to prove she couldn’t outwit him.

Follow the tail of a cat to find it’s stomach then look inside you will find the eye of a cat.

As he walked along past the farm pond he noticed the bulrush plants. “Cat tails!”

Following along the edge, he found his way to a playground. Seeing a broken violin like the one his great uncle once played discarded in the trash, he grinned. “Cat gut strings!”

Picking the instrument out of the trash, he heard something rolling inside. He reached in and pulled out a cat’s eye marble. “How about that Miss Moriarity!”

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_Jaxon slammed the door as he went back to his office.  It was all too much and he wanted to just shut the world out and cry.  But crying wasn’t the kind of thing a man would do.  His father had beaten that idea into his head. Breaking things however was perfectly acceptable for a man.
_Jaxon hurled the lamp from his desk against a wall.  Threw everything off of his desk on to the floor.