_In this age, where lies abound
We start a rage without a sound
Reacting before we even hear
Confuse the facts, our thoughts unclear
Even those, once eloquent
Become our foes, by their dissent
Turned the Page, but still I've found
That, in this age, the lies abound

In all I have said, there's only truth
Not taken, instead, you ask for proof
Since when was right considered wrong?
Or, does the Light not here belong?
He came to walk among us all
Perhaps, His words might save our fall
After all He did, they still asked for proof
They nailed Him to a cross to silence the Truth

You may forget me
When my time is done
But even when we're memories
The Truth still lives on

I've been playing around with the idea of making Jade Dreams into an anime myself.  Not having much success so far, but I do have an opening song in mind.  It will go something like this:
_Hisui no me wa watashi ni anata ga miru koto no yume o miseru
Ruby no te, watashi no tamashī ni anata no hi o tomosu
Watashi ga zokushite iru basho ni watashi o ie made michibiku
Onikisu kage kara watashi o mamoru
Utsukushii kawa wa, watashi no ie ni tsunagaru
Hitotsu toshite watashi-tachi o danketsu, watashi-tachi o ichidō ni
Watashi ni watashi no jeido yume ni shinjitsu o shimeshite
Which is I'm sure a lousy translation of:
_Eyes of jade show me the dreams that you see
Ruby hands, light your fire in my soul
Lead me home to the place where I belong
protect me from the onyx shadows
Beautiful river, lead me home
Unite us as one, bring us together
Show me the truth in my Jade Dreams
Cara's challenge this week includes an homage to the great Christopher Walken.  If you don't like it, he'll stare at you until you die from shattered nerves. ;)
“Larry’s isn’t the swankiest restaurant in town but they serve one hell of a brisket sandwich.”

“This was a pretty cool idea Eddie, thanks for bringing me here.”

“No problem Joe. I was stoked when I heard you were out here on the auction circuit. So what’d you get good?”

“Not much today. Most of the lockers were full of crap. I can never think when that annoying guy shows up at an auction.”

“Oh you mean, that guy Dave from ‘Storage Wars’?”


“Too funny, sorry about you luck though.”

“It’s no big deal really. Last week, I picked up a locker that belonged to Christopher Walken.”

“Are you sure, how do you know?”

“I found a few mementos from some of his movies, plus there was a Christmas stocking with CW embroidered in the trim.”


“I emptied out the candy and trinkets and found a cowbell in the toe!”


“I know that’s pretty wild right?”

“It’s not that, I think have the bubble guts.”

“The what?”

“You know, like diarrhea? ”

Joe set his sandwich down. “Wow Eddie, thanks for sharing!”

185 Words

_ Steve Carrel stars in this romantic comedy as Cal Weaver, a plainspoken man whose wife Emily (Julianne Moore) turns his life and the lives of their children upside down when she admits to an extramarital affair and asks for a divorce.  Along comes Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) as the playboy who takes Cal on as his protégé.  Kevin Bacon adds to the six degrees of funny as Emily's fling David Lindhagen.  But it is Marisa Tomei who steals the show as Cal's first one night stand who also turns out to be… well I'll let you watch the movie.
_ Crazy Stupid Love is all that you expect in a rom-com, sometimes hilarious and other times poignantly real, with some twists thrown in that knock you for a loop.  Amidst the laughs and confusion, it's a story about love and longing in all of its stages.  Numerous fourth-wall comments and in-jokes will keep serious moviegoers winking.
_ Crazy Stupid Love is rated PG-13 for adult humor, sexual content and language.

It's Friday, time for Jen D Author's #FridayPictureShow.  This week's prompt was creepy but the variety of flash stories submitted was inspiring.

Here is my humble submission:
_“We have ways of making you talk, you know.”
“What? What are those things doing here?”
A variety of sheers, pliers and pruning lay out in the on the canvas.
“Don’t try to act like you don’t know. You better answer me right now and you better tell me the truth.”
“What is it that you want to know? Why are you acting like this?”
“Where were you last night?”
“I was at the store buying gifts for Ron.”
“So you went to the hardware store?”
“Yes, of course!”
“Well then why didn’t you take me? These are so cool!”

The wife and I are watching "Crazy Stupid Love", "Friends with Benefits", and "The Smurfs" this weekend so I hope to have a Weekend Review or two done this weekend.  Also, very excited about "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" which, in a surreal twist, I read about for the first time today when looking into my current Yuri Anime Mariasama ga miteru "Maria Watches Over Us"
_ It’s December 1, the grueling month of NaNoWriMo is finally over.  Let’s go publish this thing on Smashwords and Amazon!
_ You might want to slow your roll there Speedy.  There are few steps between here and there.
_First, let me say congratulations.  Whether you finished 100K, just barely earned your banner, or didn’t quite make it, you have accomplished something that you hadn’t before November 1st.  Now the next step to publication is… walk away.  If you have a few scenes left that you wanted to finish, go ahead and add them, but do not edit your little darling.  Step away from the pen [keyboard].  Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends, you know those people you alienated while you were obsessed with the finish line?
_Next month, we will start to walk through the editing, reviewing and pre-marketing that is involved in making your book the best it can be, and some of the pitfalls I ran into along the way, before you track down an agent or publisher and especially if you intend to go it on your own.
_I wrote exactly zero words on November 30 which put my total word count somewhere just under 46,000.  In the process, I learned a few things about myself.  I learned that I simply cannot write when there are distractions around and it is very difficult to pluck time out of my busy schedule.  On the positive side, in just a little over 30 hours, I was able to write over 45,000 words.  Before November, I averaged 500 words per hour session.
_So enjoy your victory and rest for a little while.  Next month, we will get started with the hard part.  Keep writing my friends!