It started with a touch of horror.  Last year, I wrote a story about the Pygmalion tale gone very wrong.  As I started work on other stories, a string of related themes gelled until AI: Genesis took on a life of its own.

The Book of Adam and Eve is the first novelette in the AI: Genesis saga.  The story introduces four of the main characters.  Adam Haddad is a bright man with big dreams that often exceed his reach.  Adam’s equally brilliant wife, Lilith has devoted her life to the study of neurology, psychology and sociology.  With the help of Adam’s lab assistant, Lucy, they embark on the ambitious project of creating genuine electronic sentience, a true artificial intelligence.

Longing and jealousy enter the equation and EDITH, their creation becomes so much more than any of them expected. Their lives will all change forever as they witness the dawn of an epic revolution.

The Book of Adam and Eve is available for your Kindle at Amazon.com.

All I Want for Christmas
By Wakefield Mahon

I don’t have much in my former luxury condo. I have a couple of shopping instead of furniture. There are a few tatters and remnants of the furniture. Wires hang from the ceiling where they ripped my crystal chandelier from the ceilings.
The one really beautiful thing I have left is the view. Outside my panoramic, window shine the lights of the most opulent city on earth.
If I could ask that old guy in the red suit to bring me one thing in his sleigh this year, tell you what it would be: a good thick set of curtains.

100 words

The End of Terrax
By Wakefield Mahon

The wall three feet away from Lilit exploded. She tucked the bundle in her arms under her cloak and surged forward. She jumped through the wormhole portal just as it closed.

She exited in a tropical oasis of some sort. Before she could take stock of her surroundings she collapsed from exhaustion.

She awoke with a strange garden with a tall gray-skinned man with large eyes in an oversized face kneeling over her with some sort of scanning device.

She tried to remember her elementary education. “Centaurian?”


“Oh good, you understand me. Are you a healer?”

“Physician, yes. My name is Mikal. You are going to be alright. You’re safe now.”

“Nothing will ever be alright again. I couldn’t do anything to save them. I stood by helplessly while the Siriusians systematically exterminated my people.”

“But you escaped. You made it here safely, that’s something. And you are a very fertile people.”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m the only one left. Well except for Havah.” She panicked, momentarily, looking around for the bundle she’d been carrying.

Mikal held her up. “She’s fine, I checked.” He completed Lilit’s scan. “So, you see, all hope is not lost.”

Tears fell as Lilit shook her head. “I don’t know about Centaurian physiology, but two female Terraxians cannot reseed a race.

“Perhaps this will ease your mind.” He showed Lilit the results. “Congratulations, it’s a boy.”

Her tears became tears of joy. “Oh my little piece of earth from Terrax. I will call you Adam.”

250 words

Loaded Dice
By Wakefield Mahon
“Derek, I swear I’m never playing with you again. Everyone knows the chances of rolling a six eighteen times in a row is 101,559,956,668,416.”
“Everyone, meaning you and who else? Fine, I’ll use your dice if you think I’m cheating.” Brenda’s dice slid across the table into Derek’s hand. “Do you want to roll first?”
55 Words

Hannah und Greta
By Wakefield Mahon

Hannah heard the sound of drums, or maybe the pounding of her heart. Greta’s forehead rested against her own, inflaming her.
But it was a scene after all. Her sister Ute would call it silly cosplay nonsense.
They called Hannah the big bad wolf in the Leipzig underground clubs, but toothsome and oh so feminine Greta offered no asylum. “Not my type” she’d said.
“Hannah, can I see you after the shoot?”
Hanah’s heart raced. Could it be?
Greta slapped her back, “I would really love it if you could introduce me to your sister Ute, she’s kind of hot.”

100 words

System Malfunction
By Wakefield Mahon

"Why bother bringing logic into this now?"

"I don’t know, perhaps because I’m a machine!"

"Look at your skin.  Listen to yourself, talk.  You were a machine before but you are definitely human now."

UR12 swiveled his head, still uncomfortable in his new body.  “That is not possible.  The limits of artificial intelligence are such that even simulation of intuitive decision-making is unreliable.”

“How do you feel?”

“I don’t feel.  I already told you I’m a machine.”

Eliza closed her eyes and touched his face.  “How do you feel?”

“I’m… I’m scared.”

“It’s okay; everything is going to work itself out.”

“How can you be so calm about this?”

“To be honest, I’m not all that calm. The idea that I fell in love with you or you fell in love with me and somehow this happened
doesn’t make sense.   I’m expecting any minute now to wake up and find myself in the psych ward.”  Eliza ran her hands over his face and through his curly brown hair. “Until that happens, it’s just you and me Pinocchio.”

“My name is not Pinocchio.”

Eliza’s eyes twinkled.  “Well you are definitely a real boy… or rather man now.”

“I don’t like feeling this primary cabin is malfunctioning.”

Eliza placed her hand on his chest and grinned.  She lay her head against the warmth and listened to the rapid patter of his heart.  “You are not malfunctioning, you are feeling.”

“What kind of feeling is this supposed to be?  I feel... ill.”

“I could spend a week trying to explain it to you,” Eliza leaned up and kissed him deeply, “but it would be easier to show you.”