Thanksgiving Night on Furnace
Branch by Wakefield Mahon
The last four days have been restorative.  My Thanksgiving memories include half a dozen little ones running around, good food and good company.  I had the privilege of listening to the elders telling stories of the old days.  Later, the grandnephews gathered around me so I could tell them stories of my own.

The only decent movie that we rented this weekend was Eat, Pray, Love, which included a delightful thanksgiving scene. 

As one of my daughters pointed out in a Facebook post, Why do we only take one day a year to think about how grateful we are?  I am so very thankful for my family and friends and for the joy of being able to share my stories, my dreams and philosophies with complete strangers.  For all of the chaos and madness, writing is one of the great blessings!

I discovered a fantastic tool last week:  Free Natural Reader.  A separate, trusted, pair of eyes is best, but if you don't have the luxury of an editor on retainer and your friends are sick of reading your masterpieces, a text-to-speech engine is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal.  Your word processor can only do so much in catching your mistakes, but hearing your text read aloud, now that makes all of the difference in the world.  In the past week I have reviewed a number of my new stories as well as a number that have been rejected by their first market and I was amazed that I could have missed such blatant mistakes. 

Remember, editors read thousands of manuscripts, give yourself the best shot you can with a polished manuscript.  Keep writing my friends!


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