For Jen De Santis' #FridayPictureShow I entered a scene from "Undeclared"
"Alright guys, this isn't funny anymore."
Carrie struggled but couldn't loosen the rope enough to pull her hands free.  She imagined Margot and Luke laughing at her, making love without her.  
Finally, the pair returned.
"You said you'd be right back."
"Sorry, we got sidetracked."
"I'll bet you did. While you were 'sidetracked', I've had ants crawling up my leg.  Why did I let you talk me into this?"
Luke untied the ropes.
Margot cooled the rope burn and kissed Carrie's wrist.  "Because you need adventure in your life.  I'm really sorry.  I promise we'll make it up to you."

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