For the past year, I’ve been using what you might call the machine gun approach.  The idea is if you fire enough rounds in a general direction, you are likely to hit something eventually.  While this path has lead to a reasonable amount of success, it is time to join the big kids now.

By researching your market, understanding what they have purchased and by objectively comparing your work with your target market guidelines, you greatly increase your chance of success.  Rather than trying to sell my existing stories and pass them off as “well basically the same thing,” I am going to spend time this year researching each of my desired markets and really trying to understand what they want.  After all, a year of acceptance and rejection has taught me one thing, if nothing else.  I am capable of solid writing when I’m pointed in the right direction.

I hope you’ll join me in this year’s challenge.  Perhaps, we can meet last year’s goal of SFWA membership and more.  My long-term goal is to learn enough about writing to earn a Hugo or a Nebula.  Even if we don’t make it there, the point is to keep moving forward, so keep writing my friends!

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