Daddy needs a win and momma needs a new pair of shoes.  If you are writing for instant gratification and overnight fame, you might want to consider something easier like using a spoon to carve through a mountain.  I managed to squeeze out four victories in two months, a period in which I honestly expected zero, but it is still tough.  Every rejection feels like fifteen.

A myriad of challenges in my personal and professional life have cut my writing time substantially and my focus during those precious moments has been shaky at best.  I currently slogging through a time travel story hoping to have in presentable before the deadline, a race with time I am currently losing.

So let’s have a momentary diversion.  Let’s talk about Brittana and last nights episode Glee:Duets! 

First, let me say that Kurt’s dad is one of my favorite characters on “Glee” and I thought he was robbed, even though I love Neil Patrick Harris on “How I Met Your Mother.”  Last night I was so very glad to see him finally put Kurt in his delusional place.  He always treats his son with compassion and respect but it had to be said.

I had the feeling that Glee was just playing Brittana for the ratings last year but, lo and behold, they are back again and this time in living color.   For those who argue about the subject matter being too adult, you obviously have not been watching the series.  Teen pregnancy, homosexuality, adultery, drug use, racism, inappropriate teacher/student relations and that was in the first half hour of the pilot episode.  Glee is NOT a children’s show.  It never was.  It deals with real issues that happen frequently to everyday high school teenagers and most everyone can relate to at least one or two characters on the show.

So, after I got over my shock at how far Glee pushed the envelope I noticed something. I really dislike Santana even more than I did already.  Brittany is no angel but mostly she is just vapid, rarely cruel.  In fact, there is enough in the episode to make you whether she was being genuine with Artie, sleeping with him only because that is the only way that she knows how to relate to someone.  The very last scene with the meatball could have been just silly, but there is a sweetness and naivety in Brittany that made it gut-wrenching.  Two thumbs up to Heather Morris for doing such a great job making me care about an airhead.

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