I took today's #MeanageMonday prompt quite literally.
Turq awoke with a splitting headache, handcuffed and sporting a leg cast. As the haze lifted, he saw the barrel of a standard issue service pistol pointed directly at him.

“Now that is rich. This planet must have a flair for the ironic, you a peace officer?”

“You son of a bitch I’m gonna kill you for following me here. I was doing well, starting over. Why did you have to go ruin everything?”

“We are all sons of the Bitch. I’m not surprised you’ve forgotten who you are. You always were a troublesome pup, Grach.”

“My name is Greg now. Every twenty-eight days I get reminder of what I was. You show up and cause an accident down by the river. So much for discretion! Why did you come after me?”

“It’s time for you to come home. If you stay here much longer, each full moon will become more violent. Your rage will become unstoppable; you will start to kill the people you claim to love. Come back to Sirius where we can take care of you.”

“You were always the favorite of the litter, you wouldn’t understand.”

A silver bullet in the brain stopped Turq from responding.

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