This scene from the upcoming novel Undeclared is from Stevie McCoy's #TuesdayTales Challenge
_“Are you sure this is the way?”

“Yes, Margot, I’ve been to the American Legion before.”

“Oh Luke you lush.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “They held a Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless, remember?”

“Oh yeah!” Margot giggled.

“You may have been here before, but the sign indicates a road closure. Why would they hold a Christmas party in a blizzard anyway?”

Luke and Margot blinked in unison.

“What? I’m just saying it would be safer to wait until the storm blew over.”

“And cancel Christmas?” Margot asked. “Turn left Luke.”

“No go straight.”

“Two backseat drivers? Merry Christmas to me!”

1/25/2012 04:51:07 am

I loved your story it was funny.


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