I wish that I could grab my life back.  I find myself working through the Sabbath, working through the Lord’s Day.  I have less than half of the patience I was once renowned for.

I struggle with the memory of dark deeds and even darker thoughts.  I can be simultaneously obsessive and lazy.  Worst of all, I have allowed material success to move ahead of family which moved ahead of God.  I will tell you right now, that is a recipe for disaster.

Nevertheless, I am not a preacher and if you have read my poetry collection, then you know my laundry list of sins so I digress.


I found out something that made me even more ambivalent about rejections.  The publisher that provided about half of mine just went under.


I had a dream last night.  I was able to capture a good deal of it, but it reminded me of an amusing truth.  The reason that dreams are so incredible is that they do not have to follow any rules.  They work through a patchwork of images and emotion.

I was thinking the other day about the two to four minute stories that we call songs on the radio.  They have the added benefit of music, but the other reason the best ones are so effective is that they target emotion.  Read one of your rejected stories and ask yourself this question with every sentence.  “How does that make me feel?”

If you find your words do not evoke emotion then perhaps you need to think about what mood you were trying to set when you wrote them.  Let us not throw words at a page just to use them.  Make every word count!  By using them wisely we too can create a patchwork of imagery and emotion that may inspire others the way our dreams to us.

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