I think one of the most frustrating things of all has to be when you begin to write a story that requires historical accuracy and run into an impasse.  I was writing a fun story about the roaring twenties.  In the process of doing the background research, the story slowly morphed into a serious story about the Harlem Renaissance, which I realized resonated strongly with me.  Some of the people that I wanted my main character to interact with simply did not live in Harlem at the same time.

So now, I am running out of time to finish my original story.  On the other hand, I have discovered a new story that might be very powerful should I put my best effort into it.  I already have a couple dozen half-finished stories collecting dust and I hate to add to the “stack” but an idea is not always a story.


I finally finished my horror story set in Amish country. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the month and the deadline for a significant number of my submissions so in the next 2 to 6 weeks I should have much more news for you.  Depending on how this round goes, I may start to focus on one genre or another.  Originally, I wanted to make it into the SFWA but now I am greedy.  I want it all.

Professional Rate is 5c/word or higher for short stories. 

A novel published by an accredited genre publisher or a movie or a few TV episodes will also get you entry into most associations

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America: Short stories totaling $250 minimum $50 per story

Horror Writers Association: Three or more short stories totaling 7500 words

Mystery Writers of America: Short stories totaling $200 minimum $25 per story

You get the point.

9/29/2010 02:37:59 am

I didn't know you wrote =D YAY can't wait to read! Glad I saw it on FB!


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