Today's prompt reminded me of an amusing thought I had this week:
Earthquakes are uncommon in New Mexico, so the rattling put them off guard.  Zeke and his wife Ellie thought they might find a little Christmas rest at Hueco Tanks National Park.  They didn't expect to find a pile of human bones in such a heavily travelled area.  Soon more bones started to bubble up out of the earth and knit together.  A chill far beyond the December wind cut through them.

"Hey Ellie, weren't folks going on how last week was supposed to be the end of the world?"  Zeke asked.

Ellie smiled.  "Guess God has a sense of humor."

2/24/2012 03:09:46 am

I enjoyed reading this, though I'm unsure of its ending: is it just an earthquake that unearths the bones of a serial killer's dumping ground? Or is it literally the beginning of the end, where bones are melding together to raise undead creatures?

A great story, whatever the meaning!

2/24/2012 06:12:08 am

Thank you Gary, I'm glad you liked it and yes, the hints are subtle but numerous, it the beginning of an apocalyptic story

2/26/2012 03:25:00 am

Oohoo! I wondered about apocalyptic possibilities as well -- glad to know there's something in the works. I think there's a really natural flow to this that drew me right in and I'm excited to read more if more comes along. Oh bones!

2/24/2012 03:23:40 am

A little creepy not gonna lie. Very neat though.

My attempt:

2/24/2012 06:14:16 am

Glad you liked it. Going to check yours out now.

2/24/2012 05:43:56 am

Well, I had to admit you made me curious. I didn't believe such a place existed and I googled it and found it to be quite an interesting place to visit the end of the world. Beginning meets ending.

2/24/2012 06:10:22 am

As a teenager, I visited there often. One of my favorite poems on this site, "The Artist's Valley" was inspired by the location. Glad I could peak your interest.

2/24/2012 07:43:33 am

Wow, we're gettin' zombies now, are we? Fun story, Wakefield.

Here's mine:


2/24/2012 08:16:53 pm

Glad you liked it Siobhan! Going to check yours out now.

ron pruitt
2/24/2012 10:52:50 am

Good end-time tale that's a little scary. I think you pulled it back from the brink of grim with Ellie's comment about God having a sense of humor.
Here's mine:

2/24/2012 08:25:01 pm

Thank you. Checking yours out now.

2/24/2012 12:53:20 pm

So perfect for 2012. Here's mine:

2/24/2012 08:31:14 pm

I'm so glad to know that someone got the Mayan correlation. I was starting to worry. :) Checking yours out now.

2/24/2012 05:29:50 pm

I wonder how many of us are fans of apocolyptic fiction? gmta! Bones knitting together gave me a chill, even as it did them. I'm very curious to know what happens next.

2/24/2012 08:41:09 pm

I loved your story, will comment shortly. I don't know what happens next yet. My original thought was a "hippie" Jesus descending while Nell Carter sings "Age of Aquarius" but that's out of my comfort zone.

2/25/2012 12:37:24 am

Love the perspective at end, Robin

2/25/2012 04:19:26 am

A very cool story, Wakefield. I love the way you brought the apocalypse into it! And just the right touch of dark humor!

2/25/2012 05:36:24 am

haha, a nice gentle introduction to the apocalypse - nicely done!

here's mine:

2/25/2012 11:17:17 am

Loved the vibrating bones rising and knitting together. A story using the literal interpretation of the dead rising during end-times, that would be a horrific tale indeed.


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