Deux ex Machina
By Wakefield Mahon

The horde of cybernetic zombies came from out of nowhere.  Everyone knew the rumors of army experiments gone wrong, but seeing them in person was something altogether different.

I braced for the inevitable, cursing my fate.  “Why didn’t I take up my friends on the ride home?”

A massive  tank rolled out of the woods, running over half of the attackers and taking out the rest with precision shots, one shot terrifyingly close to my head.

I stood with knees knocking.

 “I remember you being so much manlier.”

I haven’t heard that voice since before… “Natalie?”

“You were expecting the Easter Bunny?”

“But you’re, you know…”

“I wouldn’t say I’m dead, more like I had a minor setback.  How do you like my new digs?”

I walked around the hulking tank looking for an entrance.  “How is it that you sound like you?”

“How is it that you sound like you?” she parroted in my own voice.

“That’s awesome but a little creepy.”

“That’s not all I can change.”

The tank surface became so hot I had to step back.  I watched in wonder as it shifted and morphed into a sight, I never thought I’d see again.

“It really is you?”

“In the flesh… relatively speaking.  I’ll tell you all about it.  Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”

“You didn’t think I came all the way out here, just to walk you home did you?”

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