Congratulations to Aurora Lee who won this week's Menage Monday Challenge.  This was my entry:
Disappointing Your Parents
by @WakefieldMahon

“Hurry up, the storm is coming!”

Cassie rubbed her arms, pacing the entrance to the cave.

“I’m working as fast as I can here. Badgering me isn’t going to help me go any faster. And stop doing that, you’re making me nervous.”

“I can’t help it; I’m cold. Stop trying to be boy scout and do something. It’s almost on top of us.”

“I need more time, can’t you stop it or at least slow it down?”

“You want me to stop a blizzard?”

“That would be nice yes.”

“But what makes you think…”

“The lightning bolt below your left ear lobe.”

Cassie’s jaw dropped and she eyed Derek suspiciously.

“My father doesn’t approve of his children using ‘magic’ in public. Redirecting a huge storm is kinda flashy.”

“I wish I had your problem.” Derek rolled up his sleeve to reveal the anvil birthmark on his large biceps, then sighed and pulled out a lighter and kindling. “My father will disown me when he finds out I can’t even light a fire without help.”

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