I'm going to be nicer today
Be mindful of words that I say
But that jerk in the car
Put two coins in my jar
And blew my intentions away

I'm going to stop smoking this week
I'm sick of the smell; my clothes reek!
But after last night,
When we got in a fight,
I lit up. I guess I'm just weak.

I promise each night
That I'll set things right
Come morn, my ideals are forgotten
I scratch and I cling
To each foolish thing
Even vices that make me feel rotten

So I hack and I cough
For each thing I put off
There's a payment that must be exacted
Still, this much I can do:
Write a poem for you --
Just as long as I don't get...

Oh look my show's on!

© 2013 Wakefield G Mahon III

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