This story won the Best Use of Prompt for this week's Friday Picture Show!  Thank you to Host Jen De Santis and Judge April Barnett!
Drawing Closer
By Wakefield Mahon

“Is that Audrey Hepburn?”
“I was trying to draw Eliza Doolittle.”
“Cool, hey there’s a call on the line for you.”
“In a minute. Man wouldn’t she be the perfect girl?”
“She says it’s important.”
“Yeah, alright hold on. Wait this nose isn’t quite right.”
“She called you Darling.”
“Sure she did, just hang on until I finish this drawing.”
“I’m serious; she said she was made to find you.”
“Very funny, I suppose her name is Pygmalion. The picture’s all wrong!”
“What did you scribble it out for?”
“It wasn’t working, where’s the phone?”
“Sorry, the line went dead.”

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