Another quick scene for your reading enjoyment from Madison Woods' Friday Fictioneers prompt
"What did you wake me up for Kelly?  I was having such a nice dream!"

"This will be worth it, Tina, I promise."

"Can't it wait until later?  I've only had 2 hours of sleep this cycle."

"It has to be in the next 10 minutes or we'll miss it."

"Miss what?"

"Come on!"

Tina gasped as they stepped outside.

"Just once every few months you can catch Alpha Centauri A setting while B is rising.  I couldn't let you visit Centauri Prime without seeing the dueling suns.  It'd be like working in New York or DC and never sight-seeing."

3/23/2012 03:11:26 am

Loved this! Sight seeing on another planet would be awesome and probably better than New York and DC.

Here is mine:

3/23/2012 03:15:33 am

Fun use of the prompt and the alternate lighting, Wakefield. :)

Here's mine:


3/23/2012 03:18:26 am

I like the way you take something like the deuling suns and compare it to sight-seeing in NY or DC. You take such a foreign concept and link it something we can all relate to . Good work.

Here's mine for the week:

3/23/2012 04:29:18 am

Nice!! I like the light-hearted, romantic? air of it. We can all relate to viewing nature's phenomenon and the sight-seeing thrill. Well done!


3/23/2012 04:45:50 am

This beyond my understanding of the stars...Thanks to your well informed readers I get it...I live in New York and the only time I go to places like Statue is when relatives are in from out of have to be a tourist to sight see or know a few.

3/23/2012 05:00:38 am

The 'sleep cycle' clued me in that maybe this wasn't set on good ole planet earth. Nice piece.

Here's mine:

3/23/2012 05:01:11 am

A great little scene for this week's prompt, nice and light-hearted.

My not-so-light-hearted effort is this way:

3/23/2012 07:14:14 am

Dear Wakefield,

Yours appears to be the best literal interpretation of the photograph. Woven into your story seamlessly, it also carried us farthest from our home world. Well done this week.



3/23/2012 07:37:44 am

I just realised that these are not siteseers at all, but are actually working there. this is an interesting take on the prompt, but I have a bone to pick with it. I think the last lines, which includes the explanation, is just a little too brittle - a little hard to read and I would ask you, if I was your professor, to see if you could mold those last three sentences a bit to encompass the wonder along with the writing...
Forgive this critique, just me...

3/23/2012 08:11:29 am

I absolutely agree with you. I spent too much of the 100 words trying to develop the characters.

Lora Mitchell
3/23/2012 03:04:17 pm

Hi Wakefield ~ Out of this world!!! Nice touch mentioning adopted home. Here's mine:

3/23/2012 05:41:42 pm

This is a lovely take on the prompt. Well done.

3/24/2012 01:54:31 am

This is wonderful, right out of a sci-fi novel, or so I would like it to be.

Wakefield Mahon
3/24/2012 02:01:27 am

I certainly hope it will be some day ;)

3/24/2012 10:05:35 am

That was quite a unique take on such a comparatively ordinary prompt. I love that while they're on a different planet, they still know Earth, and New York, and DC; clearly not natives, then.

Even if they were, wouldn't that be interesting? Earth and the universe knowing each others' existence in its present state of being. What a thought!

Anyway, just what I took from it, though I also adore the image of dueling suns.

3/26/2012 05:33:46 am

loved the scifi flavor of your story Wakefield. So normal and yet so literally out of this world!


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