Thanks to this lovely lady, Jade Dreams is better than ever (834 edits!).  If you need copy editing at a reasonable cost you should really visit Jennifer Gracen at http://jgce.wordpress.com/ for more information.  If you've already purchased a copy you should see the update version soon.  If you haven't please go to http://www.amazon.com/Jade-Dreams-Sacred-Stones-ebook/dp/B00546Z6J0 and check it out.

I've also been editing and revising all of my existing short stories with the help of ProWritingAid a free online editing tool that helps you clean up your manuscript. It helps you identify the cliches, repeated phrases and overused words and phrases you might normally gloss over.  Best of all the more you use it, the more you train yourself.

"Is there a way I can write this as an active sentence?  Can I find a better way to express an idea than overusing adverbs?  Is it really  necessary for the word that to appear in every one of my paragraphs?"

I find that I am always growing and always learning as an author.  I hope to provide you, the reader, with the most entertaining material around.

For today, I'll just leave you with a line from Jade Dreams:

Jade's laugh sounded like the tinkle my mom's jewelry box when she dropped her necklace, a little bit like my piggy bank when I emptied all of the coins out through my fingers.

Find out all about Jade in the first book of the Sacred Stones

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