Rick put the Cheatham in Dewey, Cheatham and Howe. He made his way to senior partner by pulling in the big clients.  Naturally, the firm turned to him to represent their biggest client ever: Andre Gudenov.

Rick celebrated his victory with a private jet ride to a luxury ski resort.

“This is your captain, Vic Thames, speaking.  Thank you for riding with us today.”

How very polite.  Rick smiled as he settled back to enjoy the ride.  The usual pilot is always so rude.  Just because I’m a lawyer doesn’t make me a bad guy.

“Is everything okay?” he asked the flight attendant when he heard a clunk from under the plane.

“Fine,” she said, while strapping on a parachute.

Rick remembered where he had heard the name Thames. It was one of the litigants in the class action suit against his client.

“Excuse me sir, would you happen to know who made the fasteners for this plane?”

“Well, sure I do,” the pilot said as he strapped on the last remaining parachute, “your most recent client. Enjoy their handiwork!”

As the plane plummeted toward the earth, Rick made this mental note:  Never trust a parts manufacturer named Good Enough.

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I like your character by the name of Rick! I think he's a decent man


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