No, I am not talking about the lyrics to one of my favorite Gary Allan songs.  I am talking about the waiting game.  Last night, I received a rejection, after four months, from one of the first children’s markets to which I submitted.  I was not surprised.  First, there is the nature of the industry, that rejections come more easily than acceptances, but also, I’ve learned just how sloppy and careless my writing was when I first applied myself seriously to writing for publication.

On the other hand, I received my first acceptance for my Nom De Plume for a submission made 2 months ago.  I had forgotten that I was still using the name and had to scramble to figure out what sort of bio to use.  Such is the see saw that is waiting for responses.  The only solace I suppose that I can offer is that, as we learn what we are good at and as our name becomes better established, we have fewer rejections and more acceptances, even if we still have to wait several months for a response.

Keep writing my friends!

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