This is the one scene that I really wished I had more than 100 words to set up.  I hope you enjoy anyway
“Why did we come to the woods,” Carrie swatted her neck, “aside from feeding the mosquitoes?”

“Relax Carebear it will be fun. I have a great idea for my next photography exhibition. That’s the place, right there.” Margot led Carrie to kneel by a stream. “Now hold out your arms.”

“Have I mentioned how illogical art is?”

Margot grinned. “That’s the point.” She wrapped the vines around Carrie’s arms. “I’m calling this Ivy Handcuffs.”

“Yay, just what I always wanted.”

Margot grinned. “I’ll mention tonight when we show Luke my photographs.”

“I’m sure he’ll just see a girl-eating plant.”

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