I think that one of the best things about writing is the opportunity to get to know yourself a little better.  I’ve decided to force myself into genres that I am not comfortable with because I want to see what I am missing, and what a ride it has been.  I expected to spend most of my time writing stories for children and personal and religious essays.  As I have pushed into mystery, horror, science fiction and more I have found rhythms and room to express ideas that I didn’t know I was even holding on to.

I am now 3000+ words into a story that I was afraid wouldn’t be 2500 words long and I’m just getting to the most exciting part.  Writing allows us to create not just people, but entirely new worlds to play with.  What started as the backdrop for a straightforward serial-killer-is-actually-a-monster story blossomed into Full Moon City a place where the unusual isn’t.

Review the blogs and publication summaries like Duotrope Digest.  Pick whatever grabs your attention.  I am limiting myself to paying publications just to raise the challenge level.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with submitting to a non-profit journal.  In fact, depending on your goals and what you like to write about, non-profits may be your primary target.  Just because a magazine doesn’t pay, doesn’t mean it isn’t an accomplishment to get published.  Even the casual literary blogs don’t have a %100 acceptance rate.


By the way, I have a new feature on the site for your amusement.  Random poetry, come back each day and you will get a different poem or if you’ve been naughty you might not. ;)


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