In August of last year, I set a number of goals for myself.  Within a year, I wanted to publish at least one Christian piece.  I'm happy to say Moon Washed Kisses and another upcoming publisher were kind enough to help me with that goal.  I set out to publish at least one children's story or poem.  While I still have a few months left, I've found the children's market to be especially tough.  My third long-term goal was to become a member of the SFWA.  So far, I have yet to get a sale in an SFWA approved market but I'm trying.  I have stopped submitting to other markets and I am questioning whether my ego can handle the stomping.

I also had mixed results with my mid-term goals.  I was able to publish a light science fiction story "International Intrigue" which will be out in a month or so.  I made very little headway on my second and third novel; in large part due to the massive number of short stories and articles that I started writing.

I was able to accomplish my short-term goals and, in the process, I have learned so much about both writing and publishing.  One of the most important things that I learned was to have patience.  Publication delays, especially in small press markets are commonplace. There are times when overburdened slush pile readers take months to get back to you, even with a rejection.  You just have to take the criticism, when you can get it.  Improve your work and as I keep going.

So, as I always say, keep writing my friends!

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