Some of my indie author friends are putting up their pitches.  That seemed like a good idea.  I would love your input.  Especially from those who've already read Jade Dreams.
_ Twelve year old Karen is having vivid dreams that feel more like memories. After her parents go missing, Karen does her best to take care of her six year old brother, Timmy, while they stay with her busy Aunt Sarah, but Timmy is kidnapped to the Shadow Realm while Aunt Sarah is on a business trip.

Joey looks to be about thirteen. He has fiery red hair and a temper to match but no memory of who he is or where he came from.

Fourteen year old Mike has a legendary swordsman for a grandfather and a past that he doesn’t want to talk about.

As the meaning of Karen’s dreams becomes clear, the three of them must join together to help Karen master the first Sword Spirit and rescue Timmy from the Shadow Realm. If they can just keep from killing each other first.

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