(Edit: it occurred to me that some of you may have no idea what I am talking about.  PBS pulled this clip from Sesame Street because of concerns about Katy Perry's inappropriate attire.)

I was planning to weigh in on Sesame Street’s Katygate today but I ran out of steam.  Let me just say this. 

I do understand why PBS pulled the clip and I do not even disagree with the way PBS handled their response.

What gets me is the idea that cleavage is somehow going to incite something more than hunger in a preschool child that has only recently stopped nursing.

There is indeed an onslaught of gratuitous sex violence and innuendo in pop culture, I just wonder sometimes at the battles we pick.  I personally prefer a story where the splatter and the hot sweaty scenes occur off-screen and are hinted at well.  Take the opening of this season’s House, (before they actually got naked for half of the episode).  Cuddy tending to House’s wounds was very sensual and not the least bit offensive.

Anyway, as I said, I do not have enough energy to launch into a true rant.


What is frustrating is when you submit to a publication and they go under or close submissions without announcing it in an obvious way.  I do not mind as much because the point right now is to get in the habit of writing.


Keep writing my friends

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