Recently, I have detected a pattern in my favorite stories written over the past month and a half and I discovered a hidden treasure…me!  My natural “voice” is very light and borderline sarcastic.  Some might even find me silly.  Silly is not for everyone. Some publishers might mistake my sardonic tones for an amateurish attitude.  I found myself worrying whether I could find a market that appreciates my "voice".

Last night, I had a very enlightening conversation with an editor.  While I had to keep myself from reacting defensively to his multiple corrections, he gave me a lot of positive feedback as well. One of the things that he liked best: you guessed it, my voice.

So keep learning and perfecting your craft.  Learn your punctuation and grammar.  Get to know “Strunk & White” and "The Chicago Manual of Style".  Reread books that you like.  Use spell check, but do not rely on software alone.  Do what you can to write well. However, whatever you do, do not stop being “you”.

Happy Writing!

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