I Wish... (The Witches of Desire)I Wish... by Wren Emerson

Thistle Nettlebottom is not your ordinary girl. Her grandmother is a celebrity writer and Thistle has spent nearly her whole life on the road. She's excited when she finally gets the chance to settle down but she has a hard time fitting in. Soon she realizes that things in the town of Desire are not what they seem.

Regular high school politics are hard enough to manage, but in this town they are strongly tied to the small town's deeply entrenched political hierarchy. To make matters worse, Thistle gets the impression that some people in town want her dead, literally.

This engrossing first installment of the Witches of Desire by Wren Emerson is filled with teenage angst, the confusion of attraction, secrets, lies, exciting action and magic. My biggest complaint was that the story ended so soon. I'm anxious to read the next installment from this exciting new author. I hope you'l give her a try.

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2/4/2012 03:06:21 am

I loved it, read I Wish in one night. I couldn't put it down. Now I'm hunting for book 2 hopefully its out. If not I am stuck moving on to a new book and series... :-(


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