In His Hands
By Wakefield Mahon

“I realize it’s silly to feel anything at all after so long”
“I swear Tyrell, why can’t you have a normal mid-life crisis? Write an autobiography, buy an old-fashioned sports car. Hell, have an affair, I don’t care.”
Tyrell raised his eyebrow.
“Okay, you’re right; I wouldn’t go along with that one. I’m just saying, of all of the fixations you could have you chose that one?”
“Hey, I was really good when I was a kid; one of the best Springfield had ever seen. I can’t help that I miss it so much.”
“There are a hundred Springfields with a thousand Tyrells, besides that was a theoretical kid’s hobby, a game. The real thing is far more expensive.”
“Babe, you’re making light, but I know you’re worried about what happened to Zeke.”
“He blew up half the neighborhood, Tyrell.”
“Yeah it was a heck of a big bang, but he was using a short-cut, tried to do the whole thing in one day. I’m going to take six days and do one step at a time.”
Tyrell’s wife shook he head and sighed. “Just be careful and make sure you rest afterward.”
Tyrell waved her off. “I know, I will. Let me get started now.”
“What are you calling this little creation of yours?”
“Don’t know yet but I’m thinking of making a little garden and itty bitty people who look like us.”
“Well, at least name the garden after your long-suffering wife.” Eden chuckled as she walked away.

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