I’ve gained a new perspective on that well known poem “Footprints in the Sand”.  In the times of trial that just don’t seem to let up when you feel like you can’t possibly go on and yet you do.  I experienced a similar season twelve years ago, that was actually far worse. Compared to that season, with the exception of the death of my daughter’s best friend, the problems that have plagued me recently are actually only nuisances.  Even if my vehicles are taking me completely broke.

The experiences and nightmares only help to clarify my vision and strengthen my resolve.  And, as I predicted, a wealth of story ideas and the passion to place in those stories has surfaced as I see  the glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel.

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I have more very good news that I will share with all of you as soon as it is official.  In the mean time, I spent this entire week editing and reediting finished, or what I thought were finished, pieces.  I finally have one ready for submission, coming in at a hefty 5100.  It looks like I finally know the difference between flash fiction and a short story.  I still have seven more edits to do.  Three were previously submitted the other four are brand new.

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