My wife has been very practical with regard to my writing.  Provided it does not significantly affect family activities, she is very understanding and frequently encouraging.

Last night, at dinner, she said the most encouraging thing yet.  I was talking about an upcoming deadline.  Bless her she has been so patient with my excitement over every little short story that I write.  I noted that the publisher was in Canada and the due date was the 15th.  She suggested that I work on the story last night and overnight it today.

 I decided that, rather than rush a good story, I would let this particular deadline pass.  The fact that my wife believed in me enough to put money above regular postage and ink towards my ambitions gave me an encouraging boost that I simply was not expecting.

Today, while I was mowing the yard, I told her of another idea that came to me.  She gave me more words of encouragement, inspiring me not to let the idea go to waste.  Neither of us is under the delusion that tomorrow I will wake up and be the most famous author in the world, but her support helps.  

I hope that you have in your life someone who encourages you to continue even on days when the pen feels heavy and those words taunt you, just out of reach.  But if not, let me just remind you.  It is worth it.  You have something special to say.  You have a story and a unique voice and if you keep working at it, you will find your audience.


I'd like to offer a quick prayer of thanks, as well, that the pastor in Florida finally came to his senses.  This memory of nine years ago is still fresh in many memories.  In this time we need healing and unity. 
As Americans we can express ourselves in many ways, but as citizens it is our responsibility to exercise our rights responsibly.


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