Just Like Brave (Menage Monday entry)
by Wakefield Mahon

After watching “Brave”, she wondered, “How hard could it be?” Meredith stole her father’s archery set and took off on the horse Daddy gave his” Little Princess” for her thirteenth birthday four years ago.

Ivory was a great horse and Meredith could stay in the saddle while shooting arrows, until she kept her attention on a target too long and missed the branch coming at her. The branch yanked her off the horse leaving scratches on her face.

She remounted her horse and an arrow whistled past her right ear. Ivory dashed off before she even said a word. Meredith clung to her horse as he raced through the woods, but the sound of another set of hoof beats crept closer.

Another round of arrows flew by as Ivory burst into the open meadow. A single strand of hair fell down unnoticed. “Obviously, we’re playing for keeps Ivory.”

Meredith sat up, turned around and took aim in one smooth motion. She let the arrow fly before she even recognized the target. “Father!”

Her father jumped down off his steed, her arrow in his hand. “Excellent work, my little princess; you’ll be ready to take back your true father’s kingdom soon!”

200 words

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