If you live in a country that allows you to participate in the government and you stay home on voting/election days then you are missing the point.  Writing is a wonderful way to express yourself and make your voice heard but take the time and put your mark on record.  Find out what the candidates want to do with your money, what direction they want to take your town, your state or province,  your nation.  Find out what the referendums on the ballot mean and add your input. 

Even if your choice doesn’t win, you are making it clear that dissenting voices exist.  Besides, you never know, perhaps eleven thousand people who agree with you are waiting at home because they don’t think you will bother to go out and vote your mind.

Many of you are people of faith.  Being primarily writers, I know most of you are people of conviction.  It doesn’t become people of principle to sit by silently and allow the world go on without making the attempt to change it.

Keep writing, keep believing, but take a little time and go vote your conscience.


PS.   Speaking of votes, my thanks go out to all of you who voted for my story the Last Straw, we finished second, but at least we made a strong showing.

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