It has been a roller coaster ride as of late.  I have encountered many victories and many setbacks in both my personal and professional lives.  I’ve been banging my head against a wall trying to fix my daughter’s laptop, going as far as replacing the motherboard only to experience the same power-cycling problem.   I am still recovering from some recent difficult events and I’ve had a number of days where I‘ve barely written at all.

Still there are good things in this potpourri that is life.  I resolved a difficult computer challenge at work.  I’ve completed a number of chores that I had been putting off and I am working with and learning so much from a great group of editors.  One of the most important things that I can pass on to you is to slow down.  It sounds obvious, but sometimes we get so eager we jump over steps trying to get where we want to be.  Take the time to read that manuscript again all the way through.  Put it aside for a couple of days and come back to it.

Recently I have received a few rejections for some of the stories that I wrote two months ago.  In rereading some of the pieces, after the things that I’ve learned and with the distance from the time of writing, I find that I have more criticisms than the editors did.

The second thing that I can tell you for sure, now that I have half a dozen bosses, is that every editor is different.  Just because your story wasn’t quite right for a particular market doesn’t mean you can’t find a home for your baby.  So keep on driving!

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