My wife and I picked up a couple of Redbox movies this weekend. One of them was "Letters to Juliet".  For those of you who did not have the opportunity to see this gem in the theater, it is a sweet story about an aspiring writer, Sophie  (Amanda Seyfried ), who answers a fifty year old “letter to Juliet” while vacationing in Verona.  When Claire (Vanessa Redgrave), the woman who wrote the original letter shows up to find her long lost love Sophie sees the makings of a great story and follows along journaling the often-amusing search for Claire’s lost love.

Plot-wise the story is nothing special, a predictable romantic comedy.  The romantic element of the story is all neat resolutions and fairytales.  What really resonated with me, in this chick flick was Sophie’s growth into her own woman.   In large part, this newfound maturity is an outgrowth of the maternal relationship that develops between Claire and Sophie.  For the tender moments between these women alone, the movie is worth seeing.

The Secretaries of Juliet are a real group.  I was thinking as I was watching the previews for Ghost Writer and then watching the movie about the way in which we develop new story ideas.  Do not be afraid of those silly notions that run through your head.  Some may be dead ends, but you will find that if it is interesting to you it is likely interesting to someone else.  Pay attention to the news, you may well find a new and interesting setting for that story that you have been longing to tell.

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