Here is my first professional prose, for those of you who have not yet seen it:

A little over a month ago, I set a list of goals for my personal challenge.  In intervening period, I have learned much and my approach to the market has changed. 

Publishers are out there looking for fiction, nonfiction, essays and more.  Some are looking for tweets, other are looking for whole novels.  By pointing out specific sites and topics to research, I have tried to help you identify a few different sources and approaches to writing prompts.

I have discovered it only takes a few weeks to write a novella length story (given my particular schedule).  I have missed a deadline or two with half-finished stories, but I am growing in confidence with the stories that I complete.

I was going to stop writing poetry and focus on fiction prose, but what I’ve discovered is that you write what you can when you can.  For me, at least, it helps to work with the grain of my imagination not against it. 

The first measure of success was to write on a regular basis and to get an understanding of the market.  I feel like I am getting there.  I hope you are enjoying the ride as much as I am.  Happy Writing!

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