By Wakefield Mahon

A countdown to the end, only six weeks left? It seemed like Jake couldn’t enjoy anything long before it started breaking apart. Soon his favorite writing challenge too, would be gone by the wayside. He put his smart phone away and slumped into his brown Chevy Nova, at least one thing in his life stayed constant.

He drove past the cute little restaurant he and Sarah loved until it closed after only six months, two weeks later Sarah left him to “find herself”. At the stop light, Jake ran his fingers through his raggedy haircut. Clyde closed down last month, there’d be no fixing that now.

House after house boasted for sale signs. Jake shook his head. What a joke. Only an idiot would buy a house now. He pulled into his parking spot and checked his phone again. No service.

There’s a big surprise! Jake tossed the phone in the garbage on his way up the steps to his apartment. Another red “X” on the calendar, five more days until the fall equinox, the last change of seasons. Armageddon has a name: 2012 UB666, a 5-kilometer asteroid with an arrival date of 21 December 2012. You’ve gotta love irony.

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